So what is the heart of poker? Well, when we talk about poker the heart is the combination of knowledge, strategy, calculation, probability, intuition, knowledge, and so on. Hardly a science but it is a science at least, and all the best winning poker players have a combination of all these. You can’t have one without a little of something else. You can’t measure it if you don’t know how to calculate, and you can’t rely on luck if you want to be a winning poker player. The combination of knowledge, strategy, and intuition is the basis of the gambling houses so they can’t count on luck. You have to be the expert card player who can do lacking one or the other, and have to exploit the gaps in order to be a winner. The more you know and more you calculate, the better, bully your opponents into making mistakes and you will be a winner.

I like to calculate things. If I have bought a book on statistics I will have a database all ready to go to work and I will do my best to win my money back. Pokerbo is a game of statistics and therefore it is possible to make the calculations and use the principles of poker in order to win. You aren’t going to make millions of dollars and win every night, you are going to win some big pots and you are going to lose some small ones. You have to be very patient and learn when to bet, check, call, and fold. You need to calculate your pot odds and your outs, you need to calculate the odds of your opponents drawing out cards, and you have to analyze very carefully all the moves of your opponents. Because you are playing your cards wrong, because you made mental mistakes, you will definitely lose often.

It is equally important to know when to bluff. If you haven’t learned any lessons you should definitely learn to bluff and bet properly so that you can steal the pots and lose your money to the other players.

It is equally important to know when to fold. If you think that your cards are really bad, you shouldn’t be playing them, you should be folding them every time. It is an important principle of poker: your cards or your money! So whenever you get your cards, you should very carefully evaluate them and you should decide if you should play them or not.

All the poker principles are the same. You may not always win, you may not always show the cards, but with practice you will surely win more pots than you will lose and you will be able to calculate and calculate the pot odds to make a decision whether to play them or not. Learn poker today and you will surely be able to play poker like a champion and that’s why you should always have in your mind a question like: “If I run into two other players with the same cards, my hand will be better than both of them in relation to my opponent’s”. You must be able to evaluate your hand in relation to the other hands of your opponents.

An important question: which strategies are the most profitable? At the beginning I thought that there are no strategies in poker. But when I read about stuffing the flop I my opinion changed. There are quite a few mistakes happening with the strategies of the game: they get too aggressive at the wrong times, they get consistently too aggressive; they can be too passive or they can play too tight.

The strategies of poker can be divided into: the blind steal, the ante steal, the continuation bet, the time limit and the pot limit. Please read my other articles for more information about poker strategy.