People say that lottery and Casino Games are won with luck – the Hot Number in the Casino is the slot machines, poker, roulette wheel, dice, and the never shine star – the Lottery Pick 4. Can you really say the same for these games? The answer is a resounding “No”. The reason for this is that the casinos and lotteries are not really created by the Lottery Board. Far from it – the actual odds of winning a prize in the casinos are at least equal to winning the jackpot in the Lottery Game. But you don’t have to be a mathematician to predict the outcome of the next number – any person can simply predict the next drawn number.

When you download the Lottery & Casino Pick 4 Ebook and discover the truth, you will realize that prediction of the next winning number will be true up to 97% of the time. Only a mathematician can maintain such a claim, and I will bet you that if you conducted such a study, you would jump to the conclusion that the casinos and lottery outlet Gambler’s Heaven would be giving away free secrets on how to win the Pick 4 lottery.

No, this Lottery Pick 4 Ebook is the result of completed research and analysis done by the author over the past 2 years, in immense detail. The author, Howard Gail’s, went out of his way to actually interview sources in the Las Vegas Casinos regarding the Pick 4 lottery and the results he obtained using these interviews.

The Casino Pick 4 lottery is a challenging game for the reason that the casinos have to pay out some jackpot amount in the form of a payout percentage. This means that the casino has to cover the entire winning number in every draw as well as the extra number in every draw for a particular drawing. A lot of players are not really aware of the lottery games and many of them rely on some professional guides to enhance their winning chances in the Pick 4 Game. However, Gail’s Lottery Tips reveal the hidden secrets of most of these guides – all you have to do is discover what he reveals in order to win the Pick 4 lotto.

This is not going to guarantee your win in every draw, but it will boost your chances and open the gates to maximize your winnings potential. As stated earlier, the only thing required in order to play the Pick 4 lottery is a $1 box wager, but you can still increase your chances in following Gail Howard’s Lottery Tips. The #1 Winning Tip according to Gail Howard is to pick the most frequently occurring numbers in the draws. These are the numbers that have been drawn most frequently in the previous draws.

The very useful Gail Howard’s Lottery Tips also reveal that there are a set of numbers that occur together in draws even stronger than that. The very case is the Pick 4 Florida Lottery, where 4 numbers in a row of the exact order of the winning numbers from the last drawing. The 4th column of the winning draws contains the extra numbers in the last 2 draws, where they occupy the same position in the winning draws.

In addition to these strategies, Gail Howard’s Lottery Tips also revealed a simple system play that a lot of players employ to win the Pick 4 lotto. This is done so by Just Playing. According to this system, when you go to the state lottery website or any Lottery Ticket Sales location, you should look for either the past winning combinations of the Pick 4, Florida lotteries home page, Preview Letter, or entire page of the Florida lottery.

To better understand how this strategy works, let’s use an example from the Florida lotteries website:

“Buy a $1 lottery ticket. Let your fellow players pay. You win $500.”

Pocket the $500 and the next three draws are represented by the letter V, G and B. Therefore, your set of four numbers are aired in this scenario.

In the scenario above, your four-number set could be BDB5, because that is the combination that would fulfill the three last digits of the winning number.

In mostLottery Systemsictions, you can use this strategy to have a hit of 60%.

• 60% of the time, the last digit will be the 22000 cutoff number.

• V is the medium or small set of numbers such as 3100, 5000, or 9600. everybody uses it in the Florida lotto game.

It is also used in the Pick 4 lottery in California and the Powerball in Poker88.

With this type of Strategy, you can guarantee a winning set of four numbers in the Florida Lottery by using the Pick 4 numbers or the Florida Lottery Winning Numbers in the Georgia Lottery.