“What is the point in that” I hear your say, but this is exactly what I suggest you do.

In the past, my friends and I have spent many hours on end playing various card games and doing our best to treat the time we spend gambling as if it were any other way. It’s actually quite fun. Imagine walking away from the craps table after a couple of hours, having spent less than $10. coffee, and some steer as a dinner. How nice it would be to say to someone “I bet I had the best game of the year”. Before you know it, we’re sitting at the poker table drinking ourselves silly, and playing hands of Texas Hold’em for some kind of celebrity or two out of our spare time. We do this in our spare time, sure, but we are doing it because we enjoy it and can’t wait to do it again soon.

The problem with spending money on gambling is when you do it “your way” without regard to your surroundings or other people, it can cloud your better judgment. If, during a particularly racy stretch, you win 100 dollars and your opponent wagers the same amount, sure, you sound like aotto winner. However, if your opponent does the same thing, you can easily fall into the same trap. Instead of betting objectively on the basis of your knowledge and history of results, you will bias yourself to think of your opponent as an extraordinarily lucky person who should give you all of your money. Instead of betting to win, you will be betting just for the sake of beating someone and getting even.

Even with the best gambling strategies and most fool-proof systems, there is no guarantee that you will win. If you are attempting to use card counting to win, there is a one in 52,forces that you either have to be super-comceptive about what cards you are holding, or you have to actively think about what the cards on the table have to offer you and attempt to force a false reading of the deck into your favor. Fortunately, people who attempt these kinds of moves are called card counters.

Most people with even the slightest exposure to casino gambling books, like the Wynn Casino Poker Exposed, will at least glimpse the possibility of card counting. As a curious psychology studies student once told me, “If being card counting was as easy as it seemed, why are the casinos so afraid of it?”Simple answer. If you understand the basic concept, you can beat the house. The house is cash poor. They have to protect every single chip they have. That means they are not so much afraid of you understanding the game. It’s instead your understanding of their fear that will make them money.

The fact is, card counting, while extremely difficult to master, and actually dangerous to employ due to the fact that it broken any normal rule, actually benefits the casino and the casino practically bond together.

Online casinos, like the brick and mortar casinos, are not cash poor. Casino bonuses, while proving that a casino is “tight” in their approach to cheating, actually benefit the online casino and the player by minimizing the edge the house has over you. The reason online casinos will not offer you the same kind of complete protection as a regular casino is simply because they have lesser profit margins to begin with.

This is why card counting is not enough for you to win at blackjack. While it helps you to drive the house profit down, the casino still has the statistical advantage over the player. The fact is, while card counting is very helpful in Jamal’s strategy, it is by no means unbeatable. Once you understand the concept, you should be able to beat the game with the consistent betting patterns that exist in relation to the basic strategy.

Still, don’t ask yourself “how can I win at Vegas88?” instead, try asking yourself “how can I avoid the casino’s advantage, and make a profit doing so?” Now, that is the real question.