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The Clay Chips – The Best Choice for the Professional Gambler

When it comes to the question of what is the best chip set for the professional gambler there are a few different options. Some people choose a complete chip set, others choose only the chips and some people choose a chip set with a specialized inlay.

It is understandable that because of the variations in the games that people enjoy playing, chip sets can be purchased for individuals that are created to enhance the theme of the particular casino. Many times the chips purchased within the casino are considered disposable. This is why chip sets are generally inexpensive. This is not the case if you want to purchase a chip set that is going to be your best investment.

The chips that you can choose from among the various types are clay composite, clay, plastic chips, and metal chips. Each has unique qualities that make them a unique choice for the professional gambler. Only the best chips can be used, and only the best chips can be cared for. Consider the following options when you are shopping for chips:

Can you imagine the feeling of having a poker chip set from the professionals at the highest quality? If you have the right chips in your home, in your thoughts, you will want to return them. It is important to understand that these chips are created through a rigorous manufacturing process. The end result will be a chip set that is a unique and final product.

When thinking about the choices, it is important to focus on the final product. You can buy the complete poker set or you can buy the chips and the case and enjoy the rest of the set. The case is generally the most inexpensive part of the set. The Clay chips and Clay Composite chips are both affordable options. You can decide if you want the best quality chips or if you want to go with the bang for the buck. That choice is available to you.

You can buy the complete set of chips or you can buy the chips and the case and enjoy the rest of the set. The case is generally the most inexpensive part of the set. The Clay chips and Clay Composite chips are both affordable options. You can decide if you want the best quality chips or if you want to go with the bang for the buck. That choice is available to you.

The Inlay is normally the last touch to the poker chip sets. This is because the inlay is not created until the exacting process has been completed. The inlay is a paint based on a specially designed chemistry. The chips that have inlays are called the throw outs. The chips without inlays are called the pocket chips.

The Inlay can be considered the most unique and the most attractive part of the poker chip set. This is because the inlay can be intricately designed with the poker name and image. The more unique the inlay is, the better.

The case that contains the panen138 chip set is called the devise. It is typically recreation or lifestyle type cases. They are created from aluminum or other metal. Some are created from wood and some are created from plastic. The better ones are created from aluminum. The objective behind the case is to protect the chips from errant wear and tear. This is accomplished through two types of construction. The first is a partially overlapping lip that is pressed into the chips. The second is a connector that is added at the14 points.

There are a number of different cases that contains different combinations of chips of different colors. There are even locks that can be customized. The chips are stored in a case that is specifically designed to hold such types of chips. These are usually inexpensive. However, if you want the chips to stay in good shape, you can cover the entire chip set with a high quality, synthetic polymer. This will likely cost a little more. It is therefore important to purchase the best case for the set you are purchasing.

You can buy poker chip sets or cases from most authorized retailers, such as those found on eBay. Some suppliers offer both the cases and the chips in the same product. Ask for recommendations from other users and retailers. If you want a particular finish, be sure to check the folding legs. Be sure to measure the exhaust of the poker chip to determine the length needed for a particular chip set.

Check the weight of the poker chips that you want to purchase. Generally speaking, the standard weight is about 8.5 grams per chip. (Some heavier chips exist, but this is a general average.) This is a good weight, but if you want a little more, it is possible to purchase heavier chips.

It is also possible to buy chip sets that are made out of graphite. graphite chips are softer with a clay feel and they have a textured surface. The trade-off is that the surface is not electronically felt, so they are a little harder to print.

Online Sports Betting

Online gambling is becoming more and more widely used and people who enjoy betting are now able to place sports bets online with ease. Using the web to place sports bets is a simple and easy thing to do. Today we go over a few of the methods in which the online sports bettor can place a bet and also some advice for those just starting out.

Betting using the Internet

In the past it was extremely hard to place a bet using the internet. You used to have to be content with visiting a bookie and waiting for the bookie to set up an account before you could place a bet. The ease of using the internet has revolutionised the way betting now can be placed. There are hundreds of bookies online that offer sports betting and many of them offer a sign up bonus for those who sign up.

Advice for those just starting

Making a sports bet online is a simple thing to do. In order to make a bet with an online sports house you will first need to place a bet. You should always seek advice and make sure you fully understand how the payouts for that bet are calculated. You will also need to be aware of the towards how the online sports betting odds are formed and how you can use this knowledge in order to place a bet that others are more likely to win.

Some Advice for those just starting out

You may feel that you are unable to use the information that you find online. However, you shouldn’t be so sure. Many of the top sports books or bookmakers online offer comprehensive guides on the different betting methods and the different types of bet you can place. Much of these guides can be used to make the decision of which bet you wish to place.

For example, the Periodic congratulations you for winning the odd about 50% of the time. This is a fairly straightforward method and one that can be used to build up a good betting bank. The other method suspects less winners but is more risky and will not offer you a very good payout. This method is mostly used by those betting on the horses.

Use the sports books

Online sports betting has changed the way many people bet. Instead of visiting a race track or other local bookmaker you can simply click through to the sportsbook site you picked up the details from. Some people will not be very comfortable with this transition from visiting a bookmaker to using an online sportsbook, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. The majority of people welcome the change.

The majority of people who bet on horse racing, for example, will simply stick with the methods that they are already familiar with. If betting on the horses wasn’t helping them at the track or on the phone, they would rapidly find another method to bet on. In fact, most people will find a new sportsbook website to place their bets on immediately.

The same applies to people betting on MPO500. Instead of going to the game, betting on the outcome or simply not knowing anything about the league, many people simply bet on football through the internet or with a bookie. Not only is placing bets easier than ever thanks to the many sporting newspapers that you can read on the internet, but it’s also a lot more convenient than visiting the matches themselves.

Placing sports bets online or with a bookie can be done in a variety of ways. Online sports betting sites are extremely popular and you’ll always be able to find a sports betting site offering a betting buzzword or two to keep you entertained. Even if no one mentioned a buzzword or two, the majority of sports betting sites online already have an agreement with many of the world’s best sports books to provide the best possible odds on every event. Making your bets is easy and fast, and if you’re not pleased with the customer service then most of the betting sites will have alternatives you can look at or call.

Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack Card Counting has become quite famous of late because of the new hit movie 21 being released. It is set in a casino that has a high table minimum. Many newbies try this game at first with less experience. The beginners as well as the more experienced players all thought that the game was for beginners. The truth is that blackjack card counting is hard work and it is not as simple as playing roulette all day long. There are a lot of things that must be considered with this game. The blackjack card counting is not as simple as one, two, and three. One has to have a good memory along with a fast reaction. One must be able to identify the cards that have already been dealt. And also, one has to be able to do it quite fast to make a lot of money.

The first strategy that you should do is to go through the shoe. How many cards are already dealt? Are there any large cards or small cards that have not been played? This is the basis when you will begin counting. You will begin with the Ace as the card with the highest value. When you have identified a high card, you will add 2 to the card count. With low cards, you will subtract two from the count.

There are two different types of blackjack card counting strategies. One of them is called the normal counting system. With this system, you just count the numbers of cards coming out of the deck. The high cards are called “soft” cards because they are still on the deck. You just have to look at the value of the cards to count them. You start off with zero and will add one to it as each card is dealt out. The cards that are not in the deck or on the table are called “pokerrepublik” cards. The value of these cards is harder to predict.

The second is called the high low card counting system. This is when you will add a point for each card between two cards. One of the tips of this system is to be sure that the deck is not splitting or has already been dealt out once. It is also not advisable to use this system if the deck is from a blackjack or Votta deck. This is because the deck might be so used that no high cards or low cards have been dealt out.

To do high low card counting, you will need to do a rough rate of it. This is usually done without having to count all of the cards. You will firstly start out with zero. If you gain more than that, you will be able to guess whether or not more are coming. That is if you are guessing right or wrong. This takes a little bit of practice. You might want to practice on a card shuffler. Have your friends bring them a deck of cards and choose one of them to shuffle. You will be able to see how the shuffler is working. You might also want to practice your face reading skills. You might want to wear a pair of shades so that you can hide your eyes’ reaction to cards being dealt out. Either way, you should be able to count accurately and quickly.

To learn how to count cards quickly and how to use the high low card counting system, you can do so with the blackjack matrix. This card counting strategy chart is a quick and easy way in understanding how to count cards in blackjack and know when it is wiser to increase or decrease your bets. You might want to practice more with this before doing came or narrow playing.

The high low card counting system is a system of adding 2 points for each 7-card fit or improves your hand. Say you have an Ace and a 5-7. That would be an 11-13 fit. If the cards are even, then you will add 2 to the high card count. If you have a 6-7 and the cards are lousy, then you would add 4 to the high card count. In either case, you should add 6 to the high card count. This system is also known as the “porate card counting.”

This system is relatively new, but as casinos have become tighter, more responsible, and have more expert gamblers on their staff, you might find that the high low card counting system is more widely used. Some players like this system because it is based on math and the digits are numeric, not alphabets. You can raise your bets or lower them whenever you want. This is not a system that you would use in home games unless you have a lot of money to gamble with. When you see casinos tighten up, so do bookies and you will see more professional gamblers.

When you are playing in the big leagues, you might find that more money is placed on 12-17 and the low bets, but watch out for the 24-way box bet.

How to Calculate Pot Odds

In Stud High you have to pay attention to having a decent starting hand, calculating pot odds thoroughly, reading your opponents and finding the right spot for stealing the bring in and the antes. The following example was played against one of the most known female poker players: Cyndy Violette.

The above mentioned game was $2/$4 Stud High with $0,40 ante and 8 players. The player with 3c brought in for $0,50, Cyndy Violette (from now on Cyndy) called with a 7c, the next 4 players folded. I completed to $2 with a Ad (hidden cards: Th7s). This completed the nut bring in for $0,50-$1,75. Now it is simple to calculate pot odds and DA (dependent on your position in the SNG). In this case pot odds were 3:1 or 3:1. DA was $2.50: $0.75. Now pot odds were 3:1 or 3:1. Therefore the pot odds were 3:1 which means the winning DA was 3.75: $0.75. This means that the player who brought in $0,50 won $3.75 ($3 for bring in + $1 for DA). Therefore the player won the game brought in by DA = $0,50-$1 = $3.75.

You can make a unsimplied Pot Odds formula by calculating the difference between true odds, the odds brought about by adding the bring in to the pot odds, and the true odds. For example, your odds for calling a $2/$4 Stud Hurdn with 3c on the bring in are 5:1. Therefore to become an arber you need a 24% probability of success, this is 5%. The odds of achieving success are closer to 70% in the limit case.

When you are a beginner and you hold a low hand there is no DA, therefore pot odds are 3:1, and you earn $3 for every $1 bet. In the limit case the pot odds are 3:1, therefore the expected profit is $4 for each $1 bet. This is only an initial calculation, the actual odds might be slightly different so you need to check these numbers. You need to be able to check Your hole card Ariel. You need to be able to check the numbers of the opponents and be able to identify ANS,PE,AC,NGAME and others.

The bring in in the limit case is Tracker Odds (that is when the odds are in your favor). You need to calculate your DA on the spot in the limit case. In the no limit case the Odds have to be calculated every time the stakes go up. The bring in in the limit case is the% of all the pot that you have to contribute. This is the denominator for the arber. The arber needs to exploit the percentage of the pot contribution in the limit case.

In the no limit case the pot contribution is small, less than 5% of the pot. If the pot contribution is 2% the Trader need to play a different strategy. In this case he need to estimate the percentage of the pot contribution and bet accordingly. The internet poker tracking software is an excellent help, for both novice and professional. You can use the software to estimated the pot contribution. The most ideal for novices is to use the online kartupoker tracking software to gather information, then you need to train the novices regarding poker.

NBA Betting Guide

NBA is today one of the most popular sports in the world and in the environment of thesports betting. The sport has evolve in an incredible way pushing competition between players to amazing levels of agility and skill, making the game look so entertainment.

You can find a NBA betting site anywhere in the internet today; they give correct odds on basketball team and player victories, as well as having sportsbook that can accommodate you and your friends to play friendly game anytime you want. Not only that but also family planning has become more colorful through the NBA betting, you can find in the internet many sites that tell you different stories of the entertaining league.

It is in the internet where you can find a group of pokerace99 enthusiasts who will be ready to help you through dinner site, there are many basketball betting sites that you can find in the internet that will be able to give you the news and different articles about the NBA, the teams that are good and the players who are in good form. Betting on the internet has many benefits if you find the right basketball betting guide to work for you; you will be able to place your bets with a greater ease.

The basketball betting guide you use to help you through the internet can provide you with essential information such as news, statistics, history and loads of other info about the sport and the teams. This is the most important part of the bettor is to know about the team, players and coaches, but also about the place where they play, this is where you can make your bet.

Are you a fan of basketball? Just collecting basketball cards for your hobby can now turn into bucks since the start of the current NBA season. Various sports betting sites will give you detailed information about the start of the game and the possible outcomes of the game. You can find the tips and predictions of the experts and then place your bets based on their predictions.

During the NBA season, bettors can expect various surprises such as injuries, withdrawal of players, and trade of players. To keep up with the bets, bettors can find the latest updates on the players and the teams. Additionally, you can want to know about the betting odds and the betting patterns of the NBA, which will help you to place the best bets to increase your chances of winning.

Making the right basketball picks can be easy if you follow the NBA sports betting tips, you can increase your chances of winning if you implement these strategies, which have already worked exceptionally well for many other bettors. However, you should ensure to analyst the recommendations of an expert before you place your bets to increase your chances of winning. A good system is the key to winning in betting on NBA. Make sure to choose a system that has already worked well for the experts and select your bets after careful scrutiny of the most up-to-date statistics and information.

Online Casinos

Comparison of Traditional Casino favorably to Online Casino or Juega casino

Some online casinos offer bonuses which are in amounts of $25, $50, $100, and $200 to old players, new players or suites of players. Some bonuses offer conversion bonuses which can take place in the form of deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and refer-a-friend bonuses.

The amount of bonuses offered by online casinos is much higher than land based casinos. On an average, about 15% of the deposits in the casinos are of bonus type; they are very popular with the players. The conversion bonuses are given to the customers for depositing the money into their accounts. The casinos offer the conversion bonuses for the players with low deposit amounts. The offer helps in making easy money for the players.

The no deposit bonuses help in earning money or keeping the accounts happy. The casinos offer these to the players after reading the reviews online. This is a great way to gain popularity and earn commissions for your own projects. Many online casinos recognize the importance of reviews and want to provide their clients with the option of reviewing their casino or at least have something positive to say about it.

The Pokerboya will usually credit the bonuses to your account after you run going casino software on your desktop. There is often a specific cutoff that needs to be passed in the casino to receive the bonuses. The money in your account will then be converted into chips which can be used in the playing software.

The chips used by the casinos remain in constant diminution depending on the period of time in which they are not used in the games. The common cutoff is usually between ten and fifteen chips. This allows for people to have a better hand during the game and for the game to be somehow biased, which in most cases it is not.

All casino games that are offered by online casinos are usually rigged. This is plain wrong, you can not beat a casino nor take its money away. The games are designed to be fair for everyone and somehow the houses edge is to a certain extent given to the casino.

You can play at your leisure without having to deal with the hassles of going to a casino. Or you could participate in the online casinos, which are more convenient in that you do not have to leave your home to go after you finished with your work. Online casinos can be reached easily from the home office and you can receive your mail from there.

Playing at online casinos, you might find that some of the games you would play automatically stop if you join a specified number of games. To avoid this problem simply check the opt out option in the casino before starting to play. This option will either allow you to continue to play without completing the level of games required or will allow you to switch out of the game once you are full.

The payout options are also differ among the online casinos. Normally you can choose between standard and fully digital payout options.

So, you have learned what to look for in an online casino. The option of playing at one of these casinos is also available and naturally you would have to search for one first. Try all the reputed websites that have been reviewed online and have to offer a reliable gaming option to the gamers out there who seek reliable gaming option.

How to Win at Roulette

One of the most popular forms of Afapoker on the internet is Texas Hold em. One of the best ways to break into this game when playing on the internet is to learn how to bluff. While this is certainly a difficult game to learn and even though you may have tried to learn it your chances of succeeding are very slim. It is at this time that you need to brush up on the needed rules as well as become familiar with the jargon of this game.

Bluffing is basically tricking your opponents into believing that you have a better hand than you really have. In order to successfully bluff, you have to be able to read your opponents and see when they are bluffing or not. Even then, it is recommended that you start out playing on the lower stakes available roulette tables. This will enable you to manage your poker money better.

Always remember though, roulette is a game of chance and luck. There are no sets of numbers that guarantee you will win. Matters regarding this game are randomly generated and there are no sets of numbers that are better than others. If you win some money, it is doubtful that it will be from the roulette itself, or even the roulette wheel. Many people are under the notion that the only way to win at roulette is to get lucky, but this is simply not true.

For anyone to win at the wheel, you would need to have a trick, some way that you can use to your advantage. Basing your bets on nothing is not advisable. Many players who use this technique have struggled to win even small amounts of money in the past. You might also want to consider other techniques such as statistical analysis and zero roulette. Both of these techniques are pretty risky, but the only way to make a good bet is to combine what you know about the game with what is going on at the moment.

Some people play roulette for a moment of sheer exhilaration. They become so caught up in the excitement that they forget to employ any strategy other than luck. Playing roulette for fun is alright, but you should know how to implement your strategy if you want to win more than you lose.

If you are playing roulette for fun, you might want to pick an easy roulette game to play. There are many online casinos that offer games that are very easy to learn and participate in. These include the mini roulette games and the European roulette. The European roulette is not advisable to those who are playing for real money, since the odds are slightly better. However, the American roulette is a great place to enjoy roulette for fun. All you would need to do is place one chip on red and one on black, and then just let the ball spin and spin.

The most effective way to win at roulette is to learn when to bet and when to fold. Learn the right time to gamble and when to say enough and walk away. Folding may take a little more patience, but it will be well worth it when you see the results. Bluffing may take a little more cash, but when done at the right time, it can be very profitable. Studying the right roulette system may take a long time, but when you finally find it, it will pay off.

The Heart of Poker

So what is the heart of poker? Well, when we talk about poker the heart is the combination of knowledge, strategy, calculation, probability, intuition, knowledge, and so on. Hardly a science but it is a science at least, and all the best winning poker players have a combination of all these. You can’t have one without a little of something else. You can’t measure it if you don’t know how to calculate, and you can’t rely on luck if you want to be a winning poker player. The combination of knowledge, strategy, and intuition is the basis of the gambling houses so they can’t count on luck. You have to be the expert card player who can do lacking one or the other, and have to exploit the gaps in order to be a winner. The more you know and more you calculate, the better, bully your opponents into making mistakes and you will be a winner.

I like to calculate things. If I have bought a book on statistics I will have a database all ready to go to work and I will do my best to win my money back. Pokerbo is a game of statistics and therefore it is possible to make the calculations and use the principles of poker in order to win. You aren’t going to make millions of dollars and win every night, you are going to win some big pots and you are going to lose some small ones. You have to be very patient and learn when to bet, check, call, and fold. You need to calculate your pot odds and your outs, you need to calculate the odds of your opponents drawing out cards, and you have to analyze very carefully all the moves of your opponents. Because you are playing your cards wrong, because you made mental mistakes, you will definitely lose often.

It is equally important to know when to bluff. If you haven’t learned any lessons you should definitely learn to bluff and bet properly so that you can steal the pots and lose your money to the other players.

It is equally important to know when to fold. If you think that your cards are really bad, you shouldn’t be playing them, you should be folding them every time. It is an important principle of poker: your cards or your money! So whenever you get your cards, you should very carefully evaluate them and you should decide if you should play them or not.

All the poker principles are the same. You may not always win, you may not always show the cards, but with practice you will surely win more pots than you will lose and you will be able to calculate and calculate the pot odds to make a decision whether to play them or not. Learn poker today and you will surely be able to play poker like a champion and that’s why you should always have in your mind a question like: “If I run into two other players with the same cards, my hand will be better than both of them in relation to my opponent’s”. You must be able to evaluate your hand in relation to the other hands of your opponents.

An important question: which strategies are the most profitable? At the beginning I thought that there are no strategies in poker. But when I read about stuffing the flop I my opinion changed. There are quite a few mistakes happening with the strategies of the game: they get too aggressive at the wrong times, they get consistently too aggressive; they can be too passive or they can play too tight.

The strategies of poker can be divided into: the blind steal, the ante steal, the continuation bet, the time limit and the pot limit. Please read my other articles for more information about poker strategy.

How to Win the Lottery

With nearly $4 billion spent on the Florida lottery every year, it is easy to see why people find it so hard to spend their money on anything else. However, with the Florida lottery of Florida, there is still hope that you can win the lottery and not have to use your hard-earned money to do so. You could play the Fantasy 5 Florida lottery, which pays out differently depending on what the numbers you chose are. Even though you only win the top prize if the five numbers you chose are drawn out during the draw, it is worth playing again to be able to at least have a chance to win the second prize, which is currently $1 million. The odds of winning the Florida lottery jackpot are only 1-in-/( Phillies|ued) bogie. This means that if you buy just one ticket, you are approximately 1,000 times more likely to win the jackpot compared to if you buy 10 tickets each time. Of course, you do not have to buy as many tickets as you can, you just have to avoid missing a number and the fee will be cheaper for you.

To better understand how the Florida lottery works, you have to understand that the wheel in which the numbers are placed has already taken its winnings. This means that the first prize is given to the owner of the winning ticket and those who buy the ticket later can still win the top prize. Normally, the first prize is given to the person who has the winning 6-digit number, but it is common that the second or third prizes are given to the ticket holders who get the same winning number, or get them drawn out. Of course, buying more than one ticket does not increase your odds of winning the Florida lottery jackpot.

To be able to choose the numbers to cover the Florida lottery, you can do so by using the Quick Pick option available in the lottery DEALERS That gives you the option to let the POKERACE99 choose your numbers. If you would like the DEALER to play your numbers, you can also opt for the manual ball draw, which will give you the numbers exactly picked by the machine.

There are different types of Florida lotteries, including the Cashola, Fantasy 5, Florida Lotto, Fantasy 5 High scored, Powerball, and Scratch-off games. Most of the games offer avid players a higher chance of winning if played properly. Most of the Florida lottery scratch off tickets are just sticker cards glued on cardboard, but you could still prize you a prize. Your ticket can be used as per the game’s description to complete the purchase and claim your prize. The highest reward is the $1 million prize, shared among shares of the different lottery scratch off tickets. This can be won in ten drawings, so if you’re a serious lottery player, it’s best to play regularly in order to have more chances of winning a high-score.

The Florida Lotto is also one of the popular lottery games in the state. Fantasy 5 Florida draws every day and the winner could win the pot as high as $1,000,000. The game is played by picking five (5) numbers from 1 to 53 then to fill in the number that you think will be the winning number. Fantasy 5 Florida has the highest odds in the lottery; accompanying it are the Lower Payout, Similar to the Match 5, but lesser in prize. The Florida Lotto, however, has also the HIGHEST payout, which is currently $500,000.

The Florida Lotto and Fantasy 5 Florida will need you to choose a number from 1 to 53 to use in the fantasy 5 Florida. You can pick your own number or have the DEALER colored them.ravning software package will quickly pick the numbers for you. The odds will be also higher because fewer people will be playing. This is how quick the wagers are and resulting in a higher payout fro the winners.

The Fantasy 5 Florida will be drawn every night at 9:29 PM. Access to the lottery will be on a holidays basis during the week and on holidays like Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and, of course, remember the most beloved day of the year… Halloween.

Handicapping the Conference Tourneys

Bryansbush – Handicapping the NCAA tournament isn’t an easy thing, of course. Everyone’s done the office pool, picked the wrong 12 over the 5, taken them to the Sweet 16, and gotten crushed in the bargain. When the NCAA’s roll around, we’ve got teams that would never have been profitable under normal circumstances, and we’ve got to try to figure out why. Is it possible that these team should have been favored in the first place? Is a low seed really capable of winning a NCAA tournament game?

Under normal circumstances, I think the answer to the second question is no. Kidd and company are unlikely to contend with typical AAU competition, anyway. But it’s been really tough to get all four lines on the same team. We’ve gone with therookular Maryland Terrapins in most of our brackets, saving us from the painful task of having to choose between brother Donkey and Studies Professor. As tempting as it is to take our former self at their word, we’ve had some trouble with them in the past.

We did manage to save face with them in thechy coming up of the tournament. No sooner would we have withdrawals from a Romo-less Kansas team than Dick Vitale would show up to announce the empty seat. Even though they had nothing to lose ( amputating digits, anyone?), they still couldn’t win a point in the Big Six tournament. Kansas blew it against Seton Hall, and bigger than that, they deploying the forget-the-torch method on Charles Luck, who’d been picked by the Royals to win the NCAA title. Any other kind of nonsense excuse, any excuse would do for a coach: “Player disrespect.” The complimentary soft drink, any other kind of beverage; I’m vacations are supposed to be about slightly intoxicating longing.

Oh, it should be noted that the single finest moment in vacation rental company history occurred earlier this year, when Sean Payton accepted the coach of the year Award. The winner of the year’s award has not won a Super Bowl, not even coached the year’s pro-football conference championship, and is not even close to having won a Most Valuable Player Award (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But at least there was an acceptance of the notion that the year’s most valuable player award should actually be about something other than who wins the most games.

Don’t think the players aren’t paying attention. They’reupping the ante every year now.

From what I’ve heard, the players pick the coach who’s been coaching the longest (some man, some False Favourite). I wasn’t convinced this was true (heck, Bill Parcells didn’t win a Super Bowl until the midway season of his career), but I did hear from a few people that the players pick the coach with the longest active tenure. Which means, by default, that the coach they pick is the coach with the most sway.

So this year, college football’s midseason polls are out, and the season’s first-place teams are estimated to be:

1) Akron(14); 2) Arkansas State(17); 3) BYU(19); 4) Connecticut(20); 5) East Carolina(12); 6) Florida International(25); 7) forsorgetown(29); 8) Georgia Tech(22); 9) Kansas State(15); 10) Maryland(21); 11) Memphis(17); 12) Marshall (18); 13) Miami-Florida( microcosm); 14) Middle Tennessee State(15); 15) Northern Arizona(16); 16) Oklahoma State(17); 17) Oregon State(17); 18) Pittsburgh(15); 19) Purdue(20); 20) South Carolina(17);

and the rest of the Top 20 (pokerlegenda) guaranteed to be in the Top 20 of the respective polls the next time the polls come out.

Madness therefore may continue. And in the meantime, know that your selections on college basketball will likely be a good investment if you know who the coach is, and have located additional information (especially on the coach’s current assistants).